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22 March
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Well ok Im burcu(Im turkish and live in london)
London ain't as great as you see in the movies!Trust me!
Anyhooo I'm 18 and I go college...school is so over-rated!
If I had alot of money I would drop out and never work or go school again.
I have a obsession with music...my Ipod is like my boyfriend,always with me.Music gets me through the darkest days as do my friends.I don't understand the meaning of parents...they are pretty useless tbh...

I love to write but I am not very good at expressing words out on paper.However one day I hope to write a book.Lyrics influence my work in so many ways.Sarah Dessen,Libba Bray,Malorie Blackman,JKRowing and Jodi Picoult influence not only my work but also my life.Great books and Amazing songs pull me through the toughtest days.

Im am obsessiovly in love with Nick Thomas(leader singer of The Spill Canvas),his voice makes love to me!lool!But yeah he has the most amazing voice ever!I listen to all diferent kind of music...from radiohead to Taylor Swift to The Spill Canvas to The Beatles to The Wreckers to Tegan And Sara to Placebo to The Kooks to Dashboard Confessional to Staind to Fall Out Boy and many many many more...
I hate HEAVY rock music and RAP music.They give me headache.

Few facts and bobs about me=D
+My room is my Island-where I feel the happiest!
+I'm not perfect - I make mistakes
+Was a twilight fan waaaay before it got popular...now Im over it!BD does not exist!!
+I've never been the type of girl who NEEDS a boyfriend
+I believe in Fairytales
+I like people with sense of homour - I love making crap jokes!
+I worry too much
+I write alot.Poems.Stories.Quotes.Songs.
+I talk alot!
+Books & Music = Life
+Obsessed with Supernatural!

Best Movies:
-Cruel Intentions
-American Pie Trilogy
-Igby Goes Down
-My Girl
-Mean Creek

Best Actors
-Reese witherspoon
-Rachel mcadams
-Kristen Stewart
-Ryan Gosling
-Seann william scott
-Emile Hirsch
-Kieran Culkin

Cool celebrities I would Love to meet:
-Drew Berrymore
-Megan Fox
-Ellen Page
-Hayley Willaims
-Supernatural boys-jensen and jared
-Nick thomas(the spill canvas)
-Zac Efron
-Rob pattinson
-Nick jonas
-Nikki Reed
-Judd apatow