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My conclusion:

Summer in UK=Sucks!Especially when you have no job which means no money!And the weather is soo crappy.

Anyway how cute was Kstew in that sexy dress(tca).I really really really admire her!

Kristen&Michael AND selena&Taylor

These pictures are soooo adorable!!It made me go awwww!!!Glad to see them so happy=]
And OMG how hot is michael[my dream boy!] and taylor!!And even more OMG he is only 16...makes me feel like a perv lool!

How cool does Brittany look with the 80s clothes for the Gossip Girl flashback episode!!!Not really a GG fan,but I cannot wait for this episode!Brit is gonna rock[as normal]!!!

AVAN JOGIA!!Can you say hot????He is only 16...I feel like perv....again=[ lool

The Hills

How fake yet addictive is this show?Its so obvious that its scripted and fake but I still watch it [sometimes]....its my guilty pleasure(along with twilight...lol)It feels like no-one on the show has a personality though....Anyways gotta feel sorry for lauren as its ONLY her that cries=S .And hmmm I have a wierd crush on brody.....



I love this so much!Jesse is like so goofy and Kristen is so cute when she laughs=D

So today I watched the trailer for "My Sisters Keeper" and gotta be honest that it looks ok....I get scared when my favourite books gets turned into movies beause they always mess something up...anyway I liked the actors they picked for the characters so I guess I have to wait to watch it before I judge anything...Oh and apprantly they changed the ending of the book...oh god...

On the other news I am looking forward to the trailers for "the lovely bones"[real tearjerking book] and "Time Travellers Wife" [romantic love story without being cheesy...stephanie meyer take note!]At the moment I am reading "Truth about forever" again by Sarah Dessen.Such a a great book!And I love Sarah Dessen!The woman is like my hero=] I love how she always knows how to create the perfect male characters[apart from roger...] I borrowed East Of Eden from the library like 2 months ago and still havn't read it=\

Again I saw another two girls on the bus reading Twilight...seriously why is everyone obsessed with the books?It ain't that great!Yes it's a great love story and yes Jacob kicks ass[lool] but come on people=\ Besides I hate Stephanie Meyer!She just gets on my frecking nerves!

Anyhoooo has anyone seen Lymelife yet?I love the culkin brothers and think Emma Roberts is sooo sweet=] I am dying to watch that film!Another reason why I hate living in london.....films take forever just to be released....

Films I am dying to watch:
-Harry Potter 6
-New Moon[might hate the books but still....]
-Time Travellers Wife
-My Sisters Keeper
-The Lovely Bones

Right now I am so hating the fact that I have to wait until the end of may for Adventureland to come out....Sucks to live in london=|
Adventureland looks amazing!!Ryan Reynolds + Kristen Stewart +Jesse = Greatness!!

I love this pic=D

Okay so I just returned from watchin 17 again(again and again)with my brother and best friend.And I gotta admit it is a pretty decent film and I am so glad that Zac is all over that disney crap.Even though I love zac,I gotta be honest,I never really rated him as an actor(only a pretty face)but truth to truth he did pretty good in 17 Again.I loved the film so much that I watched it 3 times....very sad I know...

Anyways I managed to give myself a MASSIVE headache from talking too much...now that is a amazing talent.lool.
Last night I finished reading "The Rumours" (2nd book to The Luxe)by Anne Godbersen and It made me cry...I am really wierd as I cry whilst reading books but never seem to cry when watching a movie...anyhooo OMG it is a amazing book,its a bit like Gossip Girl set in 1899.I really would recommend it to anyone.Cannot wait to read the third book....because I live in (crappy)london I have to wait til may the 7th til it comes out!great.....(!)


I am obsessed with starbucks!!II love frappiciano(sp?)caramel light....OMG!! best drink ever!especially with cream!!Oh maan I am so unhealthy=[ oh well!!life is short!=p
And there is always a HOT worker at starbucks...not that im complaning!lool!



2 weeks til art exam!

2 frickin weeks til my art exam=\
what a nervewrecker!!!
I decided to paint a butterfly in a jar which represnts bullying or abusive relationship for my final piece.


Well Im gonna waste a blog talking about how I love supernatural/jensen and jared!
I'm totally obsessed,been a fan for like 6 months=D
I brought the 3 seasons box and cannot get enough of it,even made my brother a fan!lool!
I just love brotherly love between sam and dean and also the friendship between jensen and jared.Its so real and cute=D

I live in crappy london so that means that we are soooo behind with the fourth season=\ at the moment we just seen the episode with the stripper club...and I gotta get some things of my chest,I love jared(so much)but sam is so getting on my nerves at the moment...the way he is so obsessed with his "powers" and the way he is like bff with ruby=\ dude wtf??Ruby is annoying demon-wannabe-human!!
And also I love Katie so therefore I was okay with the character when she played her but this new actor (gen or somthin)is so terriable.
All respect to the actress,she might be a okay actress(i dunnoo...)but she soo does not suit the ruby character.
Ruby is supposed to be feisty,bitchey and stubborn but this new ruby is just not right....

Anyhooo I am more then in love with dean he is just so so so perfect!!!And everytime jensen/dean cries, i cry too!!(And I never cry at the movies!lool!)
But anyway yeah supernatural rocks=)


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